A bedtime story to ease you to sleep

A few times recently I’ve talked on the subject of accents; apparently some American listeners find my Oxbridge drawl quite charming. On numerous occasions when I have been across the pond people have enthusiastically told me “Your accent is so funny!” Needless to say I put them right instantly; an Oxbridge drawl is a proper accent and not at all funny.

When one little made a comment about the pseudo-mellifluous nature of my voice in The 15-Stone Babies I thought I would make use of my talents and record a bedtime story for you all. One of my favourite stories, in fact.

The story is a Grimm brothers fairy tale, it’s just over six minutes long and it’s called ‘ The cat and mouse set up house ‘. Right click that link and choose ‘Save as…’ to save the bedtime story audio mp3 file and listen to it whenever you wish.

I should point out that this story is donationware . If you like the story send me £1.00 (or more) using the PayPal widget below. The more donations I get, the more I will feel like recording further bedtime stories.


This bedtime story should calm you for a peaceful night’s slumber so you’re all rested ready to enjoy New Year’s Eve tomorrow. Have fun!