15-Stone Babies – on being an adult baby

Little dinosaur

Here’s a clip of me taken from Channel 4’s 15-Stone Babies in which I talk about being an adult baby and get excited by my clothes – ROAR!!!

  • April Babykins

    The program was quite informative, if you had an open mind. The writers of newspaper articles somewhat lack this!!!
    I think all were brave and hope no harm comes to them from this.
    Very jealous of Kat’s playroom and those that have a successful caring child/parent relationship.

  • I got a lot of very positive feedback on social networks, and a handful of rude comments by boarish oafs, but what I’ve heard from my friends who saw it has all been good. I’ve even shown some of them this site (again with positive reactions).

    Kat’s daddy was a bit of a control nut, don’t you think? My daddy is happy to look after me as the age I feel comfortable with. And he does a very good job, too! I recognise I’m very lucky to have a partner who loves every aspect of who I am; he’ll drink wine with me as well as take care of me as three year old boy. I need looking after by a tolerant, kind, tender daddy and I’m so happy I am. I’ll go and cuddle him now 😀

  • Mommy Amantha

     you looked so sweet in the documentary! so brave ! thanks for sharing with us !

  • Thank you. Mommy Amantha! I’m glad you liked it. I needed a hair cut before I was interviewed, really 🙂