Last night’s trauma

Toast looking well-used

Toast the teddy bear comes with me everywhere and helps me with everything I do. I need Toast and I’m deeply upset if I get separated from him. Consequently, last night was a major trauma.

Toast was helping me make a beef stew and quite by accident he managed to get hot beef dripping on him. Having a fatty, stinky teddy bear is not good for soothing purposes so he had to have a bath.

Sadly, my washing machine is differently capable and even though I put him in to wash and dry in the early afternoon, he was not clean and dry until the following morning. It was an incredibly difficult night – backup bears are not the same as Toast.

Purely for your edification, I’ll show you the effects of Toast’s bath. Here he is pre-wash:

Toast the teddy bear before his wash

And here he is after his little spin:

Toast the teddy bear after his wash

As you can see, he is considerably less grubby. He is also quite a lot fatter, which is a bit odd. The best thing is he is now super soft and cuddly and doesn’t have a smell of rendered beef carcasses.

Welcome back Toast, you were much missed!

  • Aww glad he’s back all clean and dry now 🙂 I’d hate my Eeyore to be in the wash, I sat and stared through the door for the whole wash cycle last time he got dirty. Teddies are very important 😀

  • Joshua Heart

    Sorry to hear the Toast was almost ‘Toast’ you need to warn him to stay out of the way in the kitchen.  Or at least to wear an apron (or bibb).