My new Foreverakid shortalls

Davy in ForeverAKid shortalls

These just arrived:

My new Foreverakid shortalls

I think they are super-beezer and I will definitely wear them when the weather is better. They are just the kind of thing that suits me.

They were made by Foreverakid.

  • Joshua Heart

    I love Forever-a-kid stuff it is well made and reasonably priced (at least for those of us here in the US)

  • I’m a big fan too; I’ve got loads of stuff from Marcie. Postage to the UK is pretty reasonable.
    I think I may have to update my measurements with her; my medication makes me so hungry I’ve put on a few kilos since I originally told her my size:)

  • These shortalls fit well enough, though…

  • I didn’t notice Kisu the cat was in the corner of that picture.

  • scoolkid

     They look great! I like the fact they don’t have flies because toddlers don’t need them 🙂

  • Thanks, scoolkid. They even have deep pockets so I can fill them up with sweets!

  • Yes, definitely no flies, and I must wear nappies with them as they have an issue. I’m afraid I’m going to have to lower the tone to explain. The legs are so short that unless I wear nappies my rude bits will hang out. And that’s not very toddlerish.

  • little tommy

     those shortalls look cute and comfy 

  • Thank you, Tommy! I look forward to wearing them in the summer; I’ll be even more of a hit in Winchester! They’re already getting use wearing around the flat, which makes me happy.