Cuddlz adult baby nappy review

Since I last tried Cuddlz adult baby diapers they have claimed to be increased in thickness by 23%; I thought it worth giving them a go.

Firstly, here’s the obligatory picture of me modelling a nappy with Toast the teddy. This time I am wearing the top from some Cuddlz teddy bear pyjamas:


This is what the nappies look like folded up:

wp_20121129 1

Like a lot of adult baby nappies the nursery prints are just a bit of tape stuck across the front; as a fan of Fabines I find that fairly feeble. At least the tapes are rather good, with two layers of tape so if you fail with the first tape you can pull it off and use the second layer.

The nappies themselves are fairly thin. However, I am pleased to report they are not quite as lacking in absorbency as Bambinos, Zazoos or ABU Cushies. They are no where near the top tier of actually useful nappies, though. If you actually need to use nappies, as I do, stick to Fabines, Abri-Form X-Plus or Tena Slip Maxi diapers – they are clearly the best.

Given these are cheaper than Fabines I suppose I could be charitable and say these would make reasonable vanity nappies. But I’m not bloody charitable so buy Fabines instead of these if you want ‘baby-ish’ and abri-form or tena if you just want decently useable nappies. Cuddlz are another one best avoided.

  • Joshua Heart

    You make a general comment about Bambinos not being absorbant,  I have found their Bellisimo line to be extreamly absorbant, in fact they are now my diaper of choice.  I can wear one all night, with 2 or 3 wettings overnight and they still hold my morning pee.  When wearing during the day, I can go 6-8 hours without a change and no leaks.  As I have said before I am a heavy wetter too.

    Please give the Bellisimo line a try before you condem the Bambino name.

  • Bambinos are rather hard to get in the UK, so getting Belissimos might be hard. I’ve only tried the classic and I panned them in this review They were simply rubbish compared to Fabine, Abri-Forms etc.