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I’ve linked to Arkadia’s website quite a lot as I really think her adult baby hypnosis files are very good. Unfortunately she has had to take her website down.

You can still get her files from, and she has given me permission to distribute her free files here.

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Arkadia the very best with the issues currently keeping her offline and we hope she’s back soon.

EDIT: Arkadia is now back online and accepting custom orders here.

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Little Boy Davy

I'm a happy, cuddly, playful 4 year old boy who is trapped in the body of an adult. I wear childish clothes most of the time. I'm not ashamed of going out in public in kid clothes - they suit me! I always carry Toast, my teddy bear. I'm very out about being a little boy and have appeared on television talking about that. I think it is good to show that littles can be reasonable, charming and articulate people. As well as being out about being little I am out about having PTSD and chronic psychosis - I did not choose to get them and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Being little is a good distraction :)

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  1. I have a couple of the hypnosis files that Arkadia does. I admit that I was sceptical about their efficacy, having used files from other places in the past.
    But I was pleasantly surprised. The files are very well done and they are paced really well, neither rushed or with over long pauses that can sometimes ruin the flow.

    I wish Arkadia all the best and hope she comes back to us soon

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