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Arkadia’s hypnosis website

I’ve linked to Arkadia’s website quite a lot as I really think her adult baby hypnosis files are very good. Unfortunately she has had to take her website down.

You can still get her files from Baby-pants.com, and she has given me permission to distribute her free files here.

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Arkadia the very best with the issues currently keeping her offline and we hope she’s back soon.

EDIT: Arkadia is now back online and accepting custom orders here.

  • Paul

    I have a couple of the hypnosis files that Arkadia does. I admit that I was sceptical about their efficacy, having used files from other places in the past.
    But I was pleasantly surprised. The files are very well done and they are paced really well, neither rushed or with over long pauses that can sometimes ruin the flow.

    I wish Arkadia all the best and hope she comes back to us soon