Update: Adult baby television program broadcast date

UPDATE: The transmission date has changed, I’ve updated it below:

Long time readers may recall I was filmed as part of a TV program about adult babies; it now has a broadcast date.

The Fifteen Stone Babies will be broadcast on Channel 4 on 13 December at 10pm

The producer has just sent me a text apologising for the title – I don’t mind being fifteen stone… She says it is a very good film that should please me.

Concerning this program, I have a request. I have no means to record live TV and keep a permanent copy. Does some kind person out there have the ability to record this program and sent me a video file of it or a DVD? I’d greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out with this: I’d like to keep a copy of a television program I appear in. Drop me a line if you can help. Thanks!

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  • Jay

    I wish i could help, but I shall watch with interest, i really do hope that it shows Abies in a good light.

    Most tv shows seem to make us out to be freaks. I was in contact with the producers of the Trisha show a few years ago, they wanted to do a bit about Abies and i was seriosuly thinking about doing it but in the end i bottled out and I am glad i did because the audience were mean and it just seemed pointless, i would have felt very embarrased and probably cried or had a tantrum! 

    Hopefully someone will record it for you, if not you might be able to watch it on the channel 4 website, i have watched a few programes ion that and they show them for a few days afterwards but not all programs are shown.

  • bob mac

    From what i read on this program its about a genetic medical condition that can be inherited . It may well show the person acting like an adult baby. but this is incidental to the main topic being looked at .

  • They certainly didn’t interview me about any medical condition. I was a little boy, as ever.

  • bob mac

    Sorry Davy with you now. was reading about a person who regressed due to a medical condition he and his brother had. was on ch 4 last night.