Repeats for Channel 4’s adult baby program: The Fifteen Stone Babies

I’ve just received an email from the director of Channel 4’s adult baby program: The Fifteen Stone Babies. Apparently it will be repeated at the following dates and times:

  • Thursday 13th Dec  2200
  • Saturday 15th Dec  2305
  • Sunday 16th Dec  0005
  • Monday 17th Dec  2205

Plenty of opportunties to catch it, then.

Apparently the director has shown the film to some AB couples who appear in it and their reaction was very positive – a good sign.

There is also the possibility the print media will pick up this program, although it’s yet to be confirmed. Watch out for yours truly in The Sun, Now magazine and The Mail Online anyway.

I’ve got a lot of stick from some ABs in various forums for having the temerity to go on television and talk about who I am. I think they are being unreasonable and I look forward to both appearing on television and people saying, “Didn’t I see you on the box last night?”

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  • scoolkid

     Thanks for the info, I always miss these sort of programmes. I don’t often read forums so haven’t seen any reactions to your decision to expose yourself (that didn’t come out right). Channel 4 and other TV stations are usually quite fair in their coverage of such subjects but printed media can be very different. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “gutter press”, that title is well earned. I have to admit the printed titles you mentioned I wouldn’t even wipe my bum with let alone read them. I also remember the backlash that occurred in America against a man who decided to appear in a TV show about our lifestyle, he ended up being vilified.

    I applaud your courage, honesty and openess  and I hope all goes well for you.

  • I’m not terribly worried; all my friends, family and readers of my professional work know I’m a little boy – it’s not going to come as a surprise to anyone.

    Anyway, I thought I was rather charming and articulate in my interview, so I feel especially confident.

    Thanks for your kind words.

  • TVMole has published a bit of information about the program:

  •  I can’t wait to see it, I have got my site set up for the review, I really hope it can help the abdl world.

    Here is my plug on the program. Here

    Sorry for the dual post no edit mode and its added a space code to the end of the url and broke it.