Repeats for Channel 4’s adult baby program: The Fifteen Stone Babies

I’ve just received an email from the director of Channel 4’s adult baby program: The Fifteen Stone Babies. Apparently it will be repeated at the following dates and times:

  • Thursday 13th Dec  2200
  • Saturday 15th Dec  2305
  • Sunday 16th Dec  0005
  • Monday 17th Dec  2205

Plenty of opportunties to catch it, then.

Apparently the director has shown the film to some AB couples who appear in it and their reaction was very positive – a good sign.

There is also the possibility the print media will pick up this program, although it’s yet to be confirmed. Watch out for yours truly in The Sun, Now magazine and The Mail Online anyway.

I’ve got a lot of stick from some ABs in various forums for having the temerity to go on television and talk about who I am. I think they are being unreasonable and I look forward to both appearing on television and people saying, “Didn’t I see you on the box last night?”

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