Zazoo adult baby diaper review

Recently I wrote that I was getting some Zazoo adult baby diapers from Perlasensua-shop. Before I get to heaping scorn on these woeful items of appalling dreadfulness let’s get the good stuff out of the way first – by ‘good stuff’ I mean a picture of me modelling them with Toast the teddy bear:

Davy modelling a Zazoo adult baby diaper

As you can see, they have prints and they are quite wide. That’s about as positive as I can be about them. I was going to think of something charitable to say but they’re so drearily awful they only merit florid abuse.

The prints, for example, look rather nice but they have been printed with ink so water-soluble it makes the imagination wince someone decided to use it. If you sweat or, heaven forbid, your nappy gets wet the prints rub off. I stained the inside of a rather fetching pair of red shorts with the first one i wore, and some plastic pants with the second. Laughably bad.

Wide, yes, but also impossibly thin. They feel like they’ll rip if you move with any enthusiasm (and I’m a very enthusiastic little boy, especially when I’m playing with my toy cars).

Because of that thinness they also hold almost nothing. Indeed, they are the least absorbent nappies I’ve ever used – including once when I tried to Sellotape a newborn baby-size disposable around my waist as a confused 12 year old. It was pretty small relative to me. They are absolutely useless for those of us who actually use diapers. Imagine, buying something and expecting it to be useful! How could Perlasensua have imagined that might have happened?

The nappies have a baby scent, which you think might be quite nice when you first open the packaging and get a slight whiff. But when you’ve had the bloody things stinking out your entire bedroom for a few days with a noxious pong that’s so strong it prevents to from sleeping, the whole ‘baby scent’-thing gets extremely tiresome.

To summarise, Zazoo adult baby diapers are complete dross and if you buy any you are just throwing your money at a bunch of money-grubbing odious types who don’t deserve to receive it. “They don’t?” you say. No. Perlasensua don’t answer emails, they send packages with random inefficiency that tends toward the extreme and they charge a lot of money for the old tat they sell. I feel cheated by these people, like we all are by so many of the shoddy adult baby suppliers out there. Don’t buy from these people, Perlasensua-shop don’t deserve your money*.

*Note, I delayed writing this by a week because they still hadn’t sent me stuff they’d promised me at the start of September. It appears they’ve finally despatched it so I’m perfectly happy to abuse them without risking my few goodies I wanted. I bet the toddler reins are rubbish quality, though, I bloody bet they are! I’m terribly sorry if my earlier post resulted in any of my readers buying from them, I shouldn’t have been so enthusiastic and realised they were another run-of-the-mill dire AB/DL supplier. If you feel I need to make things up to anyone who’s ordered I might be able to send a Zazoo adult baby nappy that I won’t be using…