My five favourite adult baby suppliers

Foreverakid trousers with a Fabine diaper showing

This post is out of date. You can read reports on my favourite, second favourite. third favourite, fourth favourite and fifth favourite little/adult baby suppliers by clicking those links. Alternative for my you can have a look at the complete (if I manage to keep it up to date) index of all the reviews I have written.

I’ve been buying adult baby items online since I first accessed the internet in the Zoology Department of Oxford University in 1993. Some suppliers I have kept buying from for a long time, others have come and gone. For this blog post I present you with, in no particular order, my current five favourite adult baby suppliers.

Foreverakid are a custom clothes company run by Marcie in Canada and they come first in my list because I got some new clothes from them two days ago. Let me show them off:

My ForeverAKid trousers and t-shirt

The t-shirt has a zoo animals print and the trousers are yellow cords with teddy bears on them – cute! Here’s the trouser material and the t-shirt in more detail:

This is the teddy print of my trousersMy Foreverakid t-shirt and I'm wearing a Fabine nappy

These may be the latest arrivals but I have been a very satisfied customer of Foreverakid for donkey’s years. I’ve got shorts, sleepers, onesies, trousers, pyjamas, booties and probably a load of other stuff that I’ve lost at the back of my baby blue wardrobe as well and I’ve never been less than chuffed with all of them.

Marcie makes things to measure and does so with distinct skill. Her clothes do not have the ‘home made’ look of many custom AB clothes, but could easily be picked from a rail of a quality clothes shop. The fit is always good, she has access to a large range of cute printed fabrics and so they really are baby clothes for people who are… well… forever a kid!

Now, like all custom clothes Foreverakid are not bargain-basement items. They are made to measure, with great skill from superior materials and you have to pay a little extra or that. But even though I am a barely employed writer I d not find the prices excessive considering the amount of pleasure I get from my purchases.

Additionally, Marcie runs the business by herself and so when she has a rush of orders it can take a few weeks to get stuff out to you. Again, this is not something I find too much of a problem but I can understand that a lot of kids have problems with the whole ‘deferred-gratification’ thing. If you are concerned about order times it is worth emailing her before you place an order to get a quote on delivery times.

I love Marcie’s stuff and I regularly wear many of my favourite pieces from her both at home and when I’m out. If you don’t mind the slightly higher prices and possible longer waiting times you’ll get the very best clothes from her that’ll fit wonderfully and be as cute as you want them to be. Top shop!

I’ve mentioned Baby-pants a couple of times recently, in my brief guide to adult baby hypnosis and my post on training pants. This will give you some idea that they stock a range of items. They are very strong on cloth diapers/nappies and plastic pants, but also have pacifiers, t-shirts, oneises and a few other items.

Their hypnosis files are worth a special mention because they are easily the best I have encountered. I know the lady hypnotist that prepared them and she is extremely talented with a professional style and, best of all, a lovely voice. They cover a variety of topics, with more coming in the near future, and they are the best route to go if you want to try adult baby hypnosis. are always accurate about stock levels and availability, despatch items with admirable speed and have wonderfully charming and professional customer service skills – isn’t that a rare thing when dealing with adult baby suppliers? This is an AB/DL shop done properly.

LL Medico

LL Medico are another company I have been buying from for years. An incontinence supplies company who are AB aware they sell a range of goods, but I’ve almost exclusively purchased plastic pants from them.

Their pants come from good manufacturers and can be purchased in a broad range of materials. They are generally the highest quality pants I’ve frequently purchased and they are not expensive.

It is often worth checking their clearance list as there are usually good bargains even if not every size is always on sale. Customer service is excellent with communication and speed of despatching goods quite admirable. They are another company who do the AB/DL shop-thing well.

Never Grown Up

Never Grown Up are fairly new to me, but as you can tell from my two previous reviews (here and here) I rather like them. Even though I’ve only got a few things from them I often go to the site and have a look; there’s usually a few things I fancy. Let’s have a picture to break up this wall of text, me in a short-legged playsuit by them:

My playsuit from Never Grown Up

The clothes and nappies from Never Grown Up are well-made, well-priced and pleasingly childish without drifting into pastiche. Delivery times are fast and the chap that runs the place answers emails quickly. I just had a look at their site as I am writing this and I think there’s something I’ll order now! Great place.

Dorset Nursing Supplies

I include Dorset Nursing even though they are not really an AB supplier as such, and even though they will be of no use to big kids outside the UK. However, they sell the adult diapers I prefer to use (well, the ones I can afford – see here for Fabine Exklusivs which I prefer but cannot afford): Abena Abri-Form X-Plus incontinence pads. They don’t charge the Earth and deliver next day – which is handy when you suddenly find you had one less pack of nappies than you thought. They have other nappies too, but I’m chuffed as chips to be a regular customer here even if it’s always buying the same thing!

I suppose my next post should be five adult baby suppliers I despise… I’ll think about writing that one;)