Tender Night are shite

Sorry about the title; daddy thought these nappies were so rubbish he insisted I used a rude word.

So you’ve guessed what I’ve going to say! I’ll be brief (ha!) then. These adult diapers claim to be for night use but I found they held so little my bed would suffer hugely if I relied on these when I’m sleeping. The fit is really weird, and they are not very comfortable.

I suppose they are unmarked white so look like cheap little baby disposables, and they are cheap, but since I had to change so often when I was wearing them they worked out more expensive than the Abena Abri-Form’s I normally use.

I’m going to sell my remaining ones on eBay to someone who must clearly not read my site. They’re rubbish.


  •  Agreed, I’m very disappointed with them. Stupid me bought 5 packets! Thankfully I have some Tena Maxi on their way, tried and tested quality 🙂

  • Charlie

     Oof! D: I love Tendercare diapers! 😛 But I’ll admit they’re hardly high quality 😛

    • Well if you don’t think they’re high quality, dearest Charlie, get some that are! Dorset Nursing Supplies, listed in my links section, sell Abri-Form X-Plus. If you get some of them I assure you your absorbent underwear experience will be changed remarkably for the better.