My adult baby overalls scheme

I’ve got some shortalls coming from Foreverakid but I also fancied some overalls in my size – childish overalls at that. I had a cunning plan!

I ordered some hickory-stripe overalls in my size from G&L Clothing in the USA; they were quite reasonably priced at $42. Postage to the UK was a bit pricy but I wanted my overalls!

When the overalls were on their way I searched on eBay for iron-on appliques and took pretty much the first one that seemed about the right size. I’m a little boy who makes SNAP DESCISIONS!

The overalls arrived yesterday, then 30 seconds with an iron this morning and my overalls were as childish as me:

Davy in his giraffe bib-pocket striped overalls

This is how I was dressed when I went out this morning and the chap in the baker and the lady in the post office both said I was looking very cute today – they were right!