Help getting pacified with pacifiers

If you’ve visited my little site over the past week or so you’ll know I haven’t been well. Indeed, I’ve been pretty bonkers. My mind has been a mess, I’ve been anxious, paranoid and found it very hard to relax like the little boy I am.

wp_20121017A few days ago I realised I had some tools at my disposal that may help, and I started listening to the ‘Pacifier Dependence’ adult baby hypnosis track I got from I thought the guided relaxation part of the track might help me calm down. Arkadia, who voices the tracks, is very good as calming one down.

The first time or two it was hard to listen and not get wound up by the mess in my mind. But as I’ve listened more I’ve found it easier and easier to relax and enjoy the experience.

I’ve enjoyed the experience so much that I’ve found myself liking my pacifier (dummy for us UK-types) quite a lot more than I used to and I feel a lot more at ease when I’m sucking it. I even want to keep it in my pocket when I go out, as that helps me stay calmer.

(Just as an aside I’m getting a long, nursery-printed pacifier holder made for me and if I continue to feel quite so comforted by my dummy I’ll have it hanging from my lapel all the time; maybe even when I’ve got to be a boring grown-up and go to wine tastings.)

Arkadia, who does the adult baby hypnosis tracks has the best style of any recorded hypnotist I’ve tried and I’d been somewhat surprised by how effective I’ve found listening to all the tracks of hers I have. I’m a lot more open minded about the possibility of hypnosis working these days and, if how soothed my dummy suddenly makes me feel is anything to go by, by jingo it does work!

It is not just me that has had a good effect from tracks. A couple of people commented on my guide to adult baby hypnosis that they liked the tracks. Moreover, I’ve had about ten emails thanking me for recommending them. A chap I regularly chat to on IM* told me two days ago he listened to the bedwetting adult baby hypnosis track three times and started wetting in his sleep – a really fast response time! He seemed pretty chuffed with that:)

So if you want to try adult baby hypnosis then check out downloadable tracks, I think they are worth every penny. I’m really looking forward to the next two (‘baby acceptance’ and ‘attachment objects’) coming out; I find the whole experience of listening to Arkadia‘s calmly cajoling voice very rewarding and profitable in helping with my little boy personal development.

*Note. I’m not on IM all day, every day, but if you’d ever like to ask me something or just have a chat then send me a message using the contact form with your Microsoft Messenger or Facebook Chat details and I will add you. I’m always happy to chat to nice people:)

EDIT: Arkadia is now back online and accepting custom orders here.