Training pants

Training pants showing

As I’m four I suppose I’m too big to wear nappies – but I’m a little boy with issues! As such, sometimes it is useful to have training pants just in case of accidents when I’m out and about. I’ve got two pairs recently.

First up, these ones are from little dinosaur training pants Davy fooling around in training pants

They have cute little dinosaur prints (ROAR!!) and are very comfortable. They do shrink a bit when you wash them, so make sure you take account of this when you order. I must also admit I have put on loads of weight since I got them, caused by having scrummy brekkie every morning, so I’ve grown as they’ve shrank.

My most recent pair are from Baby Per Sempre:

Davy in training pants Davy's huge bum in training pants

These are actually sold as diaper covers, but abTodd who makes them can sew in extra layers of absorbent material to turn them into training pants. Really cute prints here, and I like his sizing names. The rather large pair you can see me modelling above (I’m expecting them to shrink a bit too) are termed the 12month size – he he he! I’ve yet to have an accident in these but they feel like they’d keep me very safe.

Of course, with training pants like these you just don’t wear the training pants alone – you’d still end up terribly embarrassed! They don’t have a waterproof outer layer so you need to wear plastic pants over them. Best to get clear plastic pants so you can see the cool prints on the pants! The best places I know to get plastic pants are and LL Medico. Loads of other places sell plastic pants but few are as reliable, affordable and sell as high-quality kit as these two.

Even if you are wearing plastic pants over your training pants they can still peek out, as this picture daddy took of me going to feed the ducks shows:

Feeding the ducks with training pants showing

I’m told the label and pants were really visible when we went on to the supermarket afterwards…

  • April Babykins

    You should try the noisy pants they make. Baby I have to go shopping on Saturday mornings. And I have to throw a dice as to my clothing options. Disposable or flannel nappy. Plastic lined trainer pants or not. Quite or noisy plastic pants.
    T shirt or onesie. If it’s cold or wet Girls coat or short jacket.
    All possibly embarrassing or even humiliating.
    Yes I do wear trousers but they are usually loose fitting so I have to keep holding them up like a toddeller. Which is how I see myself anyway.
    Take care. I’ve just received a parcel, Might be girls trousers. Yippee…….

  • I’m not embarrassed about my undies crinkling when I’m out, April! The only thing that makes me blush is when I’m out too long without a change and I get wet patches all down the back of my legs. ‘Lab drinks’ at Oxford when I used to be (slightly) more grown-up was terrible for that!

  •  Some nice pitchers you have here.

  • April Babykins

    I think it is the thought of someone asking if you are wearing a nappy, is the fear. As you then have to answer.
    I know at least one of my neighbours know, because he asked. Very nicely and he and his wife regularly ask if I’m OK. I believe another one has guessed, she gave me several long looks when we were all out clearing snow last winter. And someone left a nice nappy bag in the porch for me.
    A nice thought. And a little exciting as to which of them left it for me. I wish they had left their name. So I could say thank you.