New fun stuff coming soon

I’ve got a few new fun things coming to me quite soon – hooray!

First up are a some things from a new adult baby supplier I’ve discovered: Perlasensua-Shop. They have some cute adult baby printed nappies, called Zazoo, in a variety of colours and I am getting some of the green ones. Here’s a picture:

Zazoo diapers

Of course, I shall review them when I get them.

I am also being sent something that I am a little too old for but I think is quite fun nonetheless, some toddler reins:

Toddler harness from Perlasensua-shop

I’m hoping daddy will be brave enough to put me in them when we go on walks, but I imagine they’ll just be for securing me to something solid when I’ve been bad – POO! They are on sale at the moment.

I’m also getting a couple of cloth nappies – pictures will be posted when I get them.

Finally, I’ve persuaded daddy that I deserve toys today – hooray! When we go into Winchester in a little while I’m going to get some Nano Speed toy cars!

Nano Speed toy cars

They are tiny little cars that you pull back and they whiz away super fast! When I’ve seen them in the adverts on Cartoon Network they look mega fun so I think they’ll be great toys to play with. I’m really looking forward to getting them and I hope daddy and me can have races with them; maybe Kisu he cat will chase after them! He he he he! It’s good to be allowed toys and it’s even better to be liberated enough to enjoy playing with them in a happy and comfortable manner – just like the little boy I am.

By the way, if you have access to Cartoon Network the cartoon of choice on it at the moment is: The Amazing World of Gumball. It’s about a blue little boy cat and his fun family. I think it is really fun and I watch it every day, even though there are a lot of repeats.