Adult role-play school – I’ve got to grow up a little!

Long-time readers may recall me talking about being a teacher at an adult role-play school and posting some pictures of me in school uniform – that was back in June. The next school date is coming up on 15 September and I’ve decided a change is in order.

I used to teach Oxford undergraduates and I’m told I was quite good at it, so I thought I’d get most out of the school experience by being a teacher. However, it is an awfully long time since I taught professionally and I’m a much more rounded, happy and fun person than when I did that. I’m more at ease being childish than a grown-up teacher.

Consequently, this time I am attending the school as a pupil. I will have to sit and behave in lessons and make sure I’m as good as gold otherwise I’ll be for it! Much as I dislike pain I think I will get more out of the experience being a pupil (albeit one who is a bit older than the age I identify with) – I’m just a big kid and do big kid quite well.

If I’m happier I’ll be better support to my partner who also attends as a pupil, so that is a good thing too. He’ll be my big brother at school, not my daddy, but I think he’ll still look after me and not let the big kids bully me. It’ll be a hoot!

The school, New Grange Manor in Farnborough, is run by a caring headmistress (although she’s quite enthusiastic with canings) and the lessons are always fun without being too difficult (unless I’m teaching!). It’s open to boys and girls of all ages, particularly those who have a naughty streak and want to mess around. Everyone has to face the consequences if they mess around, but you can say in advance what sort of discipline suits you. It’s not a school party type of event, it is a real school for boys and girls who have to behave like they are at school – even when I was going as a slightly intense teacher it was always so much fun.

If you like school role-play and you are in the South of England I can highly recommend the experience; I never expected I’d enjoy it so much. There is information on the New Grange Manor website that will tell you more about it, but to really feel the fun and happiness in being a little scamp at school you have to turn up play the role. It’s a great role and everyone at NGM wants to enjoy it.