AB Universe Cushie adult baby diaper review

Quick one, this: I’m reviewing the cloth-like cover Cushie diaper from AB Universe. Let’s start off with the mandatory picture of me modelling one with Toast the teddy:

Davy in an AB Universe Cushie nappy


Ah… I love my bedroom and all my soft toys. Anyway:

The nappy one has one tape on each side but they do a good enough job of holding it in place. The prints are very cute, I like them a lot, and they feel very comfortable to wear. You’d be happy wearing one of these all day…

Except you wouldn’t! They are very, very thin and, as such, hold hardly anything. I haven’t been able to last any time at all in mine without them becoming leakily squidgy and unable to cope anymore. They’d be hopeless to see a little boy with issues, bedwetting issues, like me through the night. So no good if you have any desire to actually use your nappies. Not that it is a question of ‘desire’, of course – I cannot help it!

To summarise: ABU Cushies are utter PANTS! If you just like wearing nappies to look and feel good then you might want to pay the piggy bank-incinerating amount of money they charge for them. If you are actually a little who might get wet then avoid these because they’ll result in more of you than the nappy getting wet. Just say no!

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Little Boy Davy

I'm a happy, cuddly, playful 4 year old boy who is trapped in the body of an adult. I wear childish clothes most of the time. I'm not ashamed of going out in public in kid clothes - they suit me! I always carry Toast, my teddy bear. I'm very out about being a little boy and have appeared on television talking about that. I think it is good to show that littles can be reasonable, charming and articulate people. As well as being out about being little I am out about having PTSD and chronic psychosis - I did not choose to get them and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Being little is a good distraction :)

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  1.  They are super mega adorable but their quality doesnt match their cuteness!  I found them an odd shape which was disappointing as I really like Attends which are also single tabs. And these leaked after one big wetting – not what I expected at all. Keeping these merely for photos.

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