My latest clothes

I’ve got some new clothes from The designs are very cute, that much is sure. Sadly, the website is rubbish and as the owner only speaks French it can be a chore for non-Francophones to order from. She also seems rushed off her feet with the number of orders she has to make.

Here are my pictures of what I got:

Happy with Toast


I also got some hyper-cute shortalls that I shall wear when I go to the beach on the next sunny day, but I didn’t get pictures of them.

The Patapoom clothes are extremely cute, but unless you speak French and have a long time to wait they probably shouldn’t be your first point of call for adult baby clothes.

  •  Nice that you have some new cloths now 🙂

    • I’ve taken a couple of pictures of the shortalls and put them in the gallery. I look forward to wearing these when I go to the bean when summer finally arrives.

  •  Dear Davy, 

    I would say you can not compare a site of industrial trade and resale of low-quality clothing, with a small shop run by one person, who makes each cloth by hand and custom for you, in using the best materials! To me, Patapoom is one of the best suppliers for Adult Babies around the globe, although I agree in thinking that the site is really flawed and that the handicap of the language must be overcome. In an other hand, waiting for clothes specially made, it’s worth ! I work a lot with Patapoom, my babies are really happy to wear Patapoom!

  • Sam

     I’ve been looking at patapoom for ages and think the clothes look adorable but the fact that the terms and conditions and delivery info are in french only and you can’t even copy the words to a translator means there’s no way I can order. If the site is designed in a way to protect against copying the contents then it fails dismally as there are several ways to copy pictures (windows 7 gives you a nifty little tool to do just that). disabling right click/copy just puts off potential customers like me.

    Last year they had some denim sports shortalls that I really wanted and I could easily run amok through most of the boys wear 🙂 The quality seems to be good and what reviews I’ve seen are all positive. Perhaps someone reading this blog could give a translation of the two French only pages? I can ask for beer in French but that’s the limit of my linguistic skills.

  • Sam, don’t bother. Despite the positive words from Peterdaddy I have to say I was probably too generous to say they ‘shouldn’t really be your first point of call’. I wouldn’t make the effort.

    The ordering process is as painful and awkward as the website. I’d say that roughly two-thirds of the emails I sent asking about my orders were not even acknowledged. When emails were answered they were in French (which, like you, I hardly speak) with a barely comprehensible machine translation attached. The content was usually an inadequate excuse as to why emails had been ignored, clothes had not been finished, or some highly optimistic assessment of when the clothes would be sent. Ordering was a dreadful experience and Peterdaddy’s suggestion that allowances should be made for her not being a ‘low-quality’, industrial operation is obviously extremely drivelly. If you are running a business you do it in a business-like manner no matter what your size – there’s never an excuse for incompetence.

    I could add that, despite the sizing being fine, a snap broke off my shortalls the second time I put them on. I’d normally send them back for repair but in this case it would not be worth the effort. Since it took almost exactly two months for my small orders to be delivered who knows how long a repair would take!

    Yes, the clothes are cute, but that is not a good enough reason to suffer the dreadfulness of the buying experience. Grab an image from the Patapoom website and send it to Marcie at (tell her Davy from Winchester sent you); she’ll do a decent job of making it to a high standard in a reasonable time.

    Hope this helps!