Latest clothes from Never Grown Up

I’ve written before about the adult baby clothes supplier Never Grown Up. I like them so much I’ve just got some more things from them. Here are some pictures followed by some more general thoughts about the supplier.

Firstly there’s this nursery-printed playsuit:

My playsuit from Never Grown Up

Toast the teddy is getting a good squeeze in that picture.

I also got this Kermit the frog nappy and the nappy boosters pictured below:

My Kermit diaper from Never Grown Up

Nappy boosters from Never Grown Up

I wore the nappy and used all the boosters in it last night and, as I’d clearly had a lot to drink before bed, I woke up rather soaked. The nappy seemed to handle it just fine and it was extremely comfortable.

I like the Never Grown Up a lot. Their prices are reasonable, they deliver quickly and communication always seems good to me. What I like most is that whilst their clothes are childish, they are realistically childish rather than being exaggeratedly-babyish pastiches of childrens’ clothes; a lot of adult baby clothes suppliers sell such things.

I want to be dressed like a little boy most of the time but believably so, not wearing things that no real parent would ever dress their child in. Daddy wants me to look cute but also appropriate for my age when I’m out, not like a sissified new-born; Never Grown Up deliver clothes suitable for that.