A brief guide to adult baby hypnosis


I’ve indulged in many forms of adult baby hypnosis, from live sessions with professional hypnotists to downloaded scripts, and I thought I would share some of my experiences with you.

I’ll start with what should be a statement of the obvious: There’s nothing magic about hypnosis. Downloading one hypnosis mp3 will not totally transform your life and have incredible effects that you cannot control.

Hypnosis is about achieving changes that you really want in your life. Not changes you think might be nice, or that could be fun, but changes you certainly desire. If you have any reservations about wanting to, say, wet yourself in bed at night, then it’s simply not going to happen.

The idea with hypnosis is that suggestions concerning things you want will help you achieve those changes in your mind; it will not change you in ways you don’t want or make you do things you don’t like to do.

It also depends on you being receptive to the idea of hypnosis. If you are convinced you cannot be told what to do or you feel your mind is too strong to accept hypnotic suggestions then don’t pay to download that file – it won’t do anything.

You may have a strong mind, but if you want to achieve certain changes in your life and you are receptive to the idea of help making those changes then it’s more likely to work.

Having made that clear, I’ll go through the structure of a typical hypnosis session or track.

First up is the guided relaxation stage. This is how you are put into a ‘trance’, but it is really a process of getting you extremely relaxed, much like a guided relaxation tape a clinical psychologist will give you if you ever find yourself seeing one.

Again, there is nothing magic about the trance, it is simply a state of deep relaxation that allows you focus your mind on the suggestions without being distracted by being keyed up.

This stage of a hypnosis session requires a certain suspension of disbelief. Some of the methods to get you relaxed can sound extremely silly if you analyse them too closely. However, if you can follow what is being said to you the guided relaxation can be remarkably… well… relaxing!

I rather like this part of a hypnosis session. I have a rather busy mind but I can focus it easily enough and by following a relaxation thread I can get really calm and in a peaceful frame of mind. It does feel good. Sometimes, however, the methods used to guide you to relaxation do make me laugh!

Then there are the hypnotic suggestions. These are the ideas you want to achieve, and they should be phrased in a manner that reminds you they are things you want to achieve. They should be persuasive, not coercive. If you don’t feel sure these are changes you want to achieve then they won’t happen.

Once these suggestions have been repeated a few times you should be guided to a less relaxed state and hopefully left feeling relaxed and happy. Sometimes a hypnosis file will suggest that you have altered behaviour after you ‘wake up’ – perhaps until a certain event occurs. If you are confortable with those immediate changes then they may well stick.

One of the ‘immediate effect’ mp3 hypnosis files I tried was a freebie from Arkadia’s site. It was supposed to make me feel like a little boy when I came around from the trance. I wouldn’t say the first time I tried it it entirely worked as described, but I was quite taken with the effects and did feel quite childish and in the mood to play and be cuddly when I’d listened to it. It left me feeling rather good!

Success or otherwise is entirely up to your, your commitment and your state of mind. If you want to a achieve a large and difficult change then you’ll have to listen to your track repeatedly and often. You are not going to start wetting the bed overnight (ho ho ho). But if you make the effort then you can make changes you want to make with the aid of hypnosis.

Of course, there is sex. Some supposed hypnosis tracks are simply designed to help you have a quick one off the wrist and the imagery they use is entirely based around getting your rocks off. These won’t make any changes to your life beyond a bit of immediate relief. I have little interest in these tracks, but if you want to try really tawdry, tatty examples then hypnotic4play.com sell some (and they really are a load of old toss).

Some of the hypnosis mp3s you can download on free sites have clearly been made for the edification of the people recording them. I found one half-hour file hilarious because the increasing levels of excitement the hypnotist reached were quite amazing. How he could sustain things for so long was impressive, but after he enthused about how humiliated I’d be if I wet myself without a nappy on and told me to wake up in exhausted voice it was rather a limp finish to a funny file.

So, where to get hypnosis files? My first recommendation would be Arkadia‘s files on baby-pants.com. A lot of people prefer female voices, and she is. She is also extremely competent in guiding you to relaxation and makes suggestions in a skilled and persuasive manner. The files cover a lot of adult baby topics and are well-worth trying – they are the best adult baby hypnosis files I’ve tried.

If you prefer a soothing American male voice, and want to include personalised suggestions in your hypnosis sessions then SoCalAB has excellent tracks. I’ve reviewed them here.

I’ve mentioned hypnotic4play.com, which is more than they deserve, and I would include most of the free hypnosis file download sites in that miasma of distain.

Finally, there are professional hypnotists. You’d need to find one who is kink friendly and if they are honest they’ll tell you pretty much the same as what I started this piece with. You’ll need to commit yourself, time and money to the process. If you do it could well be more successful than a downloaded mp3.

I’ll leave you with the suggestion that hypnosis can make changes in your life that you want, but they have to be changes you really want and you have to make an effort to achieve the results. If you can manage that hypnosis could well be for you.

EDIT: Arkadia is now back online and accepting custom orders here.