SoCalAB’s adult baby hypnosis tracks

For the past week I’ve been listening to the adult baby hypnosis tracks from SoCalAB, I will report on my experiences.

The best thing about the tracks is undoubtedly SoCalAB himself. He has an extremely soothing voice that really helps you relax and whilst he makes some powerful suggestions he always makes you feel safe, secure and in control. I may not get the best out of his wonderful voice as I am more used to British accents, but he still charmed me no end.

The relaxation phase of the tracks is extremely effective, SoCalAB’s voice really calms the nerves whilst the instructions he gives to relax are well-judged to help you enter a trance whilst feeling you are not getting lost into something scary where you are out of your depth. This is very well done.

The suggestions themselves are excellent. They are phrased so you feel they are natural and normal things for you to be accepting into your mind. There is no element of coercion at all, you are just being helped to become who you really want to be. SoCalAB’s voice delivers the suggestions with extreme effectiveness. The use of imagery in helping the suggestions is well done.

My only issue with the tracks is the pacing of it. There are often long pauses and if, like me, you have a busy mind it can be difficult to remain focused on relaxing and the suggestions.

I really do think the long gap when you are supposed to think of your own custom suggestions is much too long. You’d probably be ok if you are a more relaxed type with better mental discipline than me, but I just kept finding myself hoping a new part of the track would start on several occasions. Perhaps it’s just SoCalAB’s lovely voice making me get a bit of a girly crush on himWinking smilebut I wanted to hear more of him speaking and less of the noise in my mind.

Have the tracks been effective? Well, I’ve only listened to them a over the past week but I rather feel it is easier to wet my nappy, I feel less inhibited about doing so, and I even feel more at ease with sucking my thumb. For a limited-time use I think that counts as success.

I would recommend these tracks to people who want to try adult baby hypnosis to wet their nappies, particularly if they like soothing US accents and can manage a degree of concentration. Even if you can’t manage the latter it is really nice to be soothed into a trance by SoCalAB; made me feel ace!

Here’s his website where you can buy his hypnosis tracks.