New teddy and clothes from Never Grown Up

I’m pleased as chips today! I’ve been bought some sweets, which is good, and in the post I got some new clothes and a new teddy bear. I’m calling my new teddy Toast as that’s what he is the colour of. He’s hyper cuddly and a great size for a four year old like me. Here’s a picture of him waving hello:


The shorts I am wearing come from the online adult baby clothes supplier Never Grown Up. They are highlighter green with a cool robot print – have a closer look at the fabric:


I also got a beezer froggy nappy from them:


Never Grown Up seem an excellent supplier. The range of items they have includes most things a large kid needs and they are all appropriately childish without sinking into pastiche. The sizing they give for the items is accurate, which a lot of adult baby suppliers cannot manage, and the manufacturing quality seems very high. It is worth going to their site every so often as they have a constantly changing stock list and you cannot really have too many cute clothes, eh? Delivery times are perfectly reasonable and prices extremely keen for an adult baby clothes store. I highly recommend Never Grown Up as a first rate adult baby and age play clothing shop.

I also recommend always having a security object to hand; I’ve got Toast under my arm. I think he’s getting tired of watching me typing and wants a big cuddle so I shall get on with that delightful duty.

  • Kotori

     Huwwo Davy. I wike da new beaw. Mine is gone. Why did you name it toast? You can wespond in P.M through adisc.

  • Hello Kotori,

    Toast is what I was having for breakfast when the postman delivered him. He is a toasty sort of colour so I thought that would be a fine name. It also compliments the name of my favourite teddy, Butter. Thanks for dropping by the site!

  • Ps. Toast did very well on his first night’s cuddling duty – I slept really well and had happy dreams:) Toast is a great teddy bear!

  •  Do you get any sort of tracking or information when the order have bean shipped?

  •  Hi ABDL86,

    You get a notification in Google Wallet/Shopping when they ship. I didn’t get tracking info but then I paid for cheapie international post.

    •  I dont pick what short of shipping that i wont to have. May order have bean market Marked shipped on June 25, 2012. But i have not receive any mail about it.

      wounder how may order is bean shipped

  •  I’ve found the owner of Never Grown Up to be quite friendly and communicative; drop him an email to ask. I think you have to do that via Etsy’s control panel.

    •  Yes i have. But it seams to take some time before he replays back. Hope he get back to me soon.