Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diaper review

A Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diaper

After yesterday’s dreadful experience with Bambino diapers I’m trying my luck again with adult baby nappies; this time it is Fabine Exklusiv I am trying. I am pleased as chips to report they are the best adult baby diapers I have ever tried.


As you can see from the crotch-shot the design is very childish, with nursery prints on the body of the nappy itself. This is more satisfying than the Bambino’s piece of tape stuck across the front. True the prints have the web address of the manufacturer on them, but what’s wrong with that? Even Pampers say ‘Pampers’ on them.

The feel of the nappy is very plastic-y, no cloth-like feel here. This does make it crinkle a lot when you walk about in them but that’s just what people expect from a little boy like me. It is true the tapes seem a bit close together, but they certainly seem strong enough to last. Mine show no signs of giving way after a long day’s active wearing

The absorbent body of the nappy is very wide, and thicker than any nappy I’ve tried. When you have one on you know you are wearing a nappy. Isn’t that a good thing. The bulk of this area, combined with the super-absorbent area in the centre of the nappy, means it can handle an awfully large number of wettings. Even my excellent usual nappies Abri-Form A-Plus cannot last as long as one of these.

The protection they provide is very good. The leg elastics and inner guards do their job well and the core is so well-designed and absorbent that even when you’ve been wearing one for a while you don’t feel all that wet.

The only fly in the ointment is the price. These cost double what my Abri-Form’s cost and since daddy doesn’t give me a lot of pocket money that makes these a bit of a luxury. However, they are so good I will buy them when finances allow for special occasions. If I ever want to play just in nappies all day with another toddler there is no nappy that would make me look smarter. I’d feel so chuffed to be wearing these when adult baby friends visit; I’d be super-protected and super-cute!

You can get them from the manufacturer here or from this online shop in Germany.

Here’s the obligatory picture of me modelling one with a soft toy, in this case Toast the teddy bear:

Davy in a Fabine Exklusiv nappy

  •  The diaper relay fit you well. Bad that i dont can get my fabine fit like that. make me very sad some time.

  • Jay

    I’ve just ordered my first pack of Fabines, thanks for linking the website as i might not have found it.

    I’ve been dreaming about trying these since i first found out about them but back then the website i saw them on, somewhere in the US was claiming that they had exclusive rights to them so they were the only suppliers, i kinda gve up getting them when i saw that but now Im just a few days away from having my own pack!

    They are not cheap but as i only get special nappies for special occasions its not like I will be getting them all the time, these will be my christmas/new years treat! although i can gaurantee that i will not be able to resist temptaion and try at least one when i get them, I shall give it a trail run next friday which is my drinking night, any nappy that can survive a drinking session from start to finish has got to be good, so far I have had none capable of that!
    I should have got the limeted edition christmas ones as they are or christmas treat but i think the original design is cuter!

    If they live up to my expectations i may get anopther pack later next year for my birthday if i do i might go for the plain white ones which i can decorate with my special baby print tape (from diapertapes.com)

    My dream nappy is one that resembles a Pampers back in the late 80s and in the 90s which is when i started to play with nappies so that formed a mental image of how a nappy should appear, the diapertapes tape is loosely based on the pampers design from the 90s so I think that applied to a plain white Fabine will be the nearst i will get to on eof those lovely old Pampers!