Bambino classic diapers–a review

I’ve seen plenty of people raving about the brilliance of Bambino adult baby diapers, so I thought I would get some and given them a try. In my professional writing career I am honest, direct and straight-talking and I see no reason to be different on this blog; I shall cut right to the point. Bambino classic diapers are utter pants.


There are some good points about them and I’ll highlight them before I get to the criticisms.

As you can see, they are quite childish. The nursery prints are only a piece of wide tape stuck across the front, but that is nice enough to help suspend disbelief.

I like the plastic-y feel to the outside, that seems reasonably childish to me as well. Not everyone goes for that, though.

The width at the crotch is quite wide as far as adult nappies go and feels reasonably good. Not good enough, however, for reasons I shall expand upon momentarily.

As a prelude to the abuse I could perhaps inform you that my usual nappies are Abena Abri-Form X-Plus so that is my frame of reference when I rip these inferior garments to paper pulp. I wear Tena Slip Maxis quite a lot and also know them well.

First problem: the tapes are hopeless. When daddy was putting me in this one the tapes didn’t even hold at the first attempt and he had to use additional tape to hold them in place. These would be no good for wearing anything other than for brief periods when virtually immobile as the tapes simply won’t cope.

Then there is the thickness. The crotch area may be wide, but the nappies are so thin it doesn’t feel like you’ve got a decent nappy on. This made me feel like I was at risk of flooding them all too easily and, indeed, they don’t hold anywhere near as much as my usual nappies.

Finally, by the time they’ve made it to the UK, and I suspect in their homeland as well, they are simply very poor value compared to Abri-Forms. Not only worse in construction but more expensive to boot. Not good.

If you really want to try a Bambino Classic in the UK you can get them online here; I really wouldn’t bother. A much better use for your money if you are a British baby is to go here and order some Abena Abri-Form X-Plus nappies; they spank the bottom of Bambinos.

Just for your edification here’s a better picture of me modelling the Bambino, which doesn’t look as bad as it is, holding my magenta cat Cordy.

My first time in a Bambino nappy