Thumb sucking hypnosis suggestions

Thumb sucking in Oshkosh shortalls with Butter the bear

Thumb sucking in Oshkosh shortalls with Butter the bearArkadia, who you may recall is making me a thumb-sucking hypnosis track, asked me for some suggestions as to what I want in the track. These are the ideas I sent her:

  • I’m a little boy and little boys suck their thumbs, that’s the way things are.
  • Thumb sucking is just fine for little boys and nothing to feel ashamed about, in fact I’m happy to show I’m just a kid.
  • Sucking my thumb is relaxing and makes me feel like a calm, happy little boy.
  • When my hands have nothing to do it feels natural to start sucking my thumb.
  • Sucking my thumb is really comfortable.
  • When I’m cuddling Butter the bear it feels the right thing to do to suck my thumb.
  • Daddy thinks it’s cute for me to suck my thumb and when other people see me doing it they’ll know I’m just a little boy – I like being a child.
  • If I get anxious or frightened then sucking my thumb helps soothe my nerves.
  • When I’m going to sleep sucking my thumb helps me to relax and switch off.
  • I’m the kind of boy who sucks his thumb in his sleep as that helps me sleep soundly and deeply.
  • I’ve never stopped sucking my thumb and now I accept that I’m a child I can let go of that adult embarrassment about doing it.
  • I can suck my thumb anywhere as I’m not ashamed of myself in any way.
  • I want to suck my thumb whenever I can – that way I’ll always feel happiest and most at ease.

I wanted the suggestions to be about how it is ok to be me that that I am at ease with all parts of myself; I think I gave her plenty to work with.

Arkadia replied:

I love that you’re so comfortable with being yourself, it’s far too rare.

What a lovely compliment!