Being an adult baby is increasingly normal

When I first started walking around in public in baby clothes it was a bit unusual. I was being quite liberated to do so at university – sadly not liberated enough to take up all those offers I received of having nappy changes. I’d only seen a couple of extremely late night programs about people who did adult baby stuff, and they were normally presented in a sniggering, ‘isn’t this weird’-manner. Fortunately, it’s getting more mainstream.

I appeared in a television program on Channel 4 about adult babies, babyfurs and other fetishes in 2001/2 and that was quite sympathetically done. Even though I’ve met quite a lot of AB’s, I’ve never met anyone who’s see it – I have to work on my fame a little yet. Here is the only clip from that program I can find:

The commonality of AB stuff has caught my mind over the past few days. I looked at Baby Brrr’s AB suppliers links page for something new and happened upon Big Feet PJs. I ordered myself one of these sleepers direct from them in the USA.

Big Feet PJs baby blue and pink sleeper

Whilst I was waiting for delivery from the US I came across this ‘all in one’ for patriotic UK babies, and I had a look around for other all-in-ones in the UK. Turns out all of Big Feet PJs range is on Amazon (along with lots of others) to get faster and more cheaply than ordering direct from the US.

Most of these are called footed pyjamas, rompers or onesies, so most UK men who buy these cannot be that scared of associating with their inner-child when it comes to night-attire. If Amazon had been selling such things so readily when I was eighteen I would have been a lot happier and saved an awfully large amount of money on custom made adult baby clothing.

EDIT: I’ve found a second clip from the program which I’ve put here.